On any given day, you can open your IG and find this entrepreneur, motivating and INFLUENCING her thousands of followers to channel their best selves and encouraging all to ‘Wake up and Live’ through fitness and nutrition with a mind, body and soul approach to wholesome living, health and wellness.

Recently, Caribbean Style Phyle sat down with Author, Certified Fitness Trainer, Nutritionist and last but, certainly not least Mommy, as she is set to re-release her book ‘Wake up and Live’ (2nd Edition), and her latest book ‘Kamila’s Kitchen’, (both set to be released November 2019.)

Self believe Affirmation:

I know there are some tough days ahead, but I am tougher than they are.

I’ve set out on a journey to improve my health in every way and I know deep within my heart that I am capable of achieving these goals.

I know I will face challenges, but I am ready for them.  There is no room for doubt, and I will no longer hold myself back with any limiting thought or belief.  I am strong, focused and 100% confident in my abilities.  I am SUPER excited about today and all that it will bring.

Today I will focus on believing. 

(Excerpt from: ‘Wake up and Live’ (2nd Edition) )



What is or has been the greatest lesson you’ve learned throughout your life and career?

Well, let me begin by telling you, my name, “Kamila” in Swahili means “Like unto perfection” which has been both a subconscious and conscious guide to how I’ve lived my life.  As long as I’ve known myself, I’ve lived with an extremely high level of expectation for everything I’ve ever poured my energy into, which has allowed me to constantly perform and execute at a high level; but also hasn’t left much room for inevitable failures and mistakes. Oneof the greatest lessons I’ve learned in both my personal and professional life is not only the need to accept the inevitability of failure, but to also embrace and plan for it. 

Accepting the inevitability of failure means I’ve let myself off the hook with the inherent (and unsustainable) need to be perfect! This was a major life lesson for me because I’ve stopped letting the fear of failure prevent me from making big, bold, important steps in my life and have mustered up the courage to do them anyway, with the knowing that when embarking on something new, scary and exciting, chances are—I will fail! The lesson of embracing failure has been equally as important with the constant recognition of the gift of failure.  Each time I’ve failed I’ve received a divine, spiritual assignment that has continued to be filled with the most incredible potential for healing, growth, knowledge, insight and truth.  My greatest lessons and breakthroughs in life have been out of my failures, mistakes and hardships and I am a better woman today because of each and every one of them.  Dare to trust in life’s ability to take you exactly where you need to go and to teach you exactly what you need to learn along the journey towards the place and space you were destined to be!

What continues to be a driving force for you?

Motherhood, and more specifically my relationship with my daughter continues to be the most significant driving force for me.  In fact, of all the motivations and motivators I’ve experienced in life, being Kailani’s mommy has hands down been the most consistent power and push behind my resilience and commitment to being the best possible version of myself.  Whenever I feel discouraged, tired or demotivated, I remember I have an entire human observing every ounce of me, my habits, my setbacks, my achievements and using that as the basis for who a woman is and ought to be.  My own mother is probably the most influential person in determining the kind of woman and mother I’ve become. She inspires me in every possible way, to this very day.  I have big shoes to fill in passing that same excellence on to Kailani, which I know will require me to constantly give and be my best. This goes far beyond my life’s example that she will continuously measure and look up to, but also covers the divine assignment I’ve been given, as her mother, to guide, protect and provide for her.  Kailani deserves a healthy, balanced mother who can give her the time, energy and focus to create the environment she needs to come alive and thrive.  These truths motivate, push and inspire me every day.

How do you define your style?

Natural, feminine, sexy, sporty, comfy and entirely dependent on what I’m feeling that day!

What is your beauty regimen and how does it affect your working out?

Working out is actually an essential part of my beauty regimen! My commitment to good health and adhering to the Wake Up and Live principles: mind, body and spirit IS the cornerstone of my beauty regimen. When I eat clean 90% of the time, workout 4-5 times a week, stay hydrated, get sufficient sleep (“SOMETIMES”  I’m still working on it!) meditate as often as possible and keep makeup and unnatural skin products to an absolute minimum, I glow and shine! The rest is negligible! I cleanse my face morning and night, use a toner once a day and every now and again use sun block (I haven’t quite caught on to the sunblock obsession yet!) Our bodies are incredible structures that when functioning optimally will be the only “beauty regimen” we really need. I focus on nurturing my body with the food, thoughts and habits that allow it to do exactly that.

  Words of Influence?

One of the saddest things in life is living with regret, knowing that you could have, be, and do so much more. Remember this truth: NOW matters more than any other time in your life. It is what you are doing today that is determining who you’re becoming, and who you’re becoming will always determine the QUALITY and direction of your life.  One of my favorite life quotes is one from Deepak Chopra which says “you must find that place inside of you where nothing is impossible.” That “thing” you’ve always wanted to do: get fit, eat healthier, start a business, write a book J WHATEVER it is….do it now. Sometimes later becomes never. 

What wisdom would you pass on to the younger generation?

We often have a hard time believing that the simple choices we make in our lives each day—what we eat, how we respond to stress, how we exercise and how much we exercise, how we think and speak to ourselves can make SUCH a powerful impact on how we look, FEEL and function.

Never view your health as an expense. Your MOST valuable asset is your Health and we should prioritize the investing of our time and money accordingly! Nothing is more important than a healthy, joyful, peaceful, strong, empowered, balanced mind and body. NOTHING. Once you experience it, it’s hard to accept living anyway else, and it goes way beyond the weight-loss (an inevitable side effect!), being healthy affects your mood, productivity, confidence, memory, creativity, immunity and overall quality of life so we’re talking about an acceptance of something that has the potential to upgrade and up level every single area of your life.

Don’t ignore your health or get in the habit of putting it on the backburner, no matter what your situation is.  If you invest in your health everyday—mind, body and spirit—you will create a special kind of inner and outer joy and PEACE that makes all the tough, nonnegotiable sacrifices to being and becoming healthy worth it!

Don’t sleep on that. Wake Up And Live…..

Transformation is such a beautiful process. Every single thing about it: the challenging, the scary, the exciting and the victorious. It’s like you finally turned the page from a painful chapter that you kept reliving and rereading, totally stuck in behaviors and patterns that have held you down for so long.

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